My name is Peter Lien and I like to eat nice things. 

Unfortunately I am not a millionaire, nor do I possess the expense account of a top London banker or a newspaper food critic. Eating in nice restaurants every day has never really been an option for me. 

What to do?

Apply for a board position at a city bank? No thanks.

Arm-wrestle Jay Rayner for his job? Dream on. 

Turn to a life of crime to fund my love of good grub? A moral step too far perhaps, although...

No. Stick to your morals, young man. Don't risk a lifetime of porridge.

The only way to eat restaurant quality food three meals a day is to become a restaurant quality cook. So that is what I did.

I became a chef.

Now I spend my time showing other people how to make their own food taste better. 


Have a look around my site to see what I do, and if you'd like to get in touch then drop me a line.